Volume-2 Issue-10, September 2014,

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Volume-2 Issue-10, September 2014, ISSN: 2319–6386 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication

Data Processing System for LP and their uses in Modern Days
Anand Mohan Sinha1, Kumar Mukesh2, Uma Shankar3

Development of Mobile Phone Medical Application Software for Clinical Diagnosis
K. Prahlad Rao1, Mohammed Ahmed Hanash2, Gaafar Ahmed AL-Aidaros3

A Survey Paper on Human Identification using Ear Biometrics
Devesh Narayan1, Sipi Dubey2

Concepts of Primitive Polynomial and Galois Field in Designing More Randomize PN Sequence Generators for Maximum Fault Coverage in Modern VLSI Testing
Priyanka Shrivastava1, Prashant Purohit2, Pushpraj Singh Tanwar3, Harishanker Shrivastava4

Identifying Ambiguity Levels in Gene Sequences using Matrix Ins-Del Systems
Lakshmanan K1, Anand Mahendran2

A Note on Magnetic Resonance Imaging
N. Senthilkumaran1, J. Thimmiaraja2

Modified Decision Based Algorithm Unsymmetric Hybrid Trimmed Median Filter Approach for Removing Salt and Pepper Noise in Ultrasound Images
V. R. Vinothini1, P. Thangaraj2

A Probability Review of Missing MH 370 (A Hypothetical Approach)
M. Siva1, M. Madhan2, D. Ramkumar3, S. Mylsamy4, Nambi Shyam S. Sri Aswin5

Review of Iris Recognition: An Evolving Biometrics Identification Technology
Nivedita S. Sarode1, A. M. Patil2

An Innovative Energy Efficient Automobile Design
Parvez Hussain S. D1, C. N. Veeramani2, B. Amala Priya Shalini3, R. Karthika4