Volume-3 Issue-6, May 2015

Volume-3 Issue-6, May 2015, ISSN: 2319–6386 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication

Pythagorean Triangle with Hypotenuse-4 (Area/Perimeter) is 3 Times a Square Integer
M. A. Gopalan1, S. Vidhyalakshmi2, N. Thiruniraiselvi3

PCA+LDA Method for Face Recognition Using Neural Network
Dhiren Pandit1, Jayesh Dhodiya2

On The Non-Homogeneous Quintic Equation with Seven Unknowns
S. Vidhyalakshmi1, M. A. Gopalan2, K. Lakshmi3

One Wheeled Electric Personal Transporter
K. Ram Kumar1, C. Suriyakumar2, L. Vishnuvardan3, S. Vignesh4, C. Vigneswaran5

A Firefly Algorithm Based Coordinated Design of Power System Stabilizer and Static Synchronous Series Compensator in Multi-Machine Power System
A. Kathiravan1, Alamelu Nachiappan2, K. Magueswary3

On the Ternary Cubic Equation 3(x2+y2) – 2xy + 4(x+y) + 4 = 51z3
Manju Somanath1, V. Sangeetha2, M. A. Gopalan3, M. Bhuvaneshwari4

Study the Effective of Lateral Load on Story Drift in RC Frame Structures
Mahdi Hosseini1, Hadi Hosseini2, Seyed Amin Ahmadi Olounabadi3, Ahmad Hosseini4

The Present Situation and Development Trend of the Express Logistics Industry
Shanshan Guo

Power Efficient Double Gate MOSFET Full Adder Circuit using 45nm Technology
Rajesh Kumar Panda1, Ralesh Ranjan Biswal2, Jyoti Sankar Sahoo3

Simulation Model for Benchmarking Cloud Services Over Internet
Prarthana Gupta1, Brajesh Patel2

Definition of Attributes for Standard Benchmarking of Cloud Services
Prarthana Gupta1, Brajesh Patel2

Design and Cost Analysis of PV System Using Nano Solar Cell and Cost Comparison with Grid
Preeti Bhatt1, ArunimaVerma2

An Analysis of Cancer Affected People using Classification Data Mining Algorithms
H. Lookman Sithic1, R. Uma Rani2

A Mobile Cloud Security on Electronic Healthcare Monitoring System through Virtual Private Network Using Blowfish Algorithm
R. Parameswari1, N. Prabakaran2

Cloud Based Suburban Railway Ticket Booking and Validating System for Android Phone
R. M. Wahul1, B. Y. Pawar2

Numerical Investigation of Performance of Double Tube Heat Exchanger using Nano Fluid
Anupam Choubey1, D. H. Das2, Gautam Choubey3

Hetero Associative Memory Based Neural Network Classifier for Health Care Data Diagnosis
R. Akila1, M. Nandhini2, S. N. Sivanandam3

Solid Waste Management and Estimation of Methane Production by Land Gem Simulation Model, Case Study: Iran, Rasht
Reza Ghasemzade

Approaches for Improvement of IT Systems Management
Aleksandar Tsenov