Volume-1 Issue-11, October 2013

Volume-1 Issue-11, October 2013, ISSN: 2319–6386 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication

Solar Energy for Sustainable National Development
Anyaka Boniface Onyemaechi1, Nasiru Aliyu2

Crime Automation & Reporting System
Anil Jaiswal1, Neeta Gunjal2, Pooja Londhe3, Shikha Singh4, Ramesh Solanki5

New Modeling of SSSC and UPFC for Power Flow Study and Reduce Power Losses
C. Anitha11, P. Arul2

Robustness: Resistance to Progressive Collapse
Raja Sekhar Yellepeddi1, Zeeshan Mahmood2

Uses of Pumice as Alternative Flux for Floor Tile Products
Irfan Tore

Volume-1 Issue-10, September 2013

Volume-1 Issue-10, September 2013, ISSN: 2319–6386 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication

Bio-Conversion of Food Wastes into Vermicompost and Vermiwash
M. M. Manyuchi1, A. Phiri2, P. Muredzi3, N. Chirinda4

Structural Analysis of Crane Hook Using Finite Element Method
Ajeet Bergaley1, Anshuman Purohit2

Shortest Path Algorithms Techniques
Sushma1, Jyoti Pruthi2

Visualization of Query Processing on Data Warehouse with UML
Ugale Shrikant1, Godse Gaurav2, Kale Onkar3

Modeling & Torque Ripple Minimization of Switched Reluctance Motor for High Speed Applications
Joseph Peter

Trilateration Based localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network
Oguejiofor O. S1, Aniedu A. N2, Ejiofor H. C3, Okolibe A. U4

A New Compact Slot Antenna for Dual-Band WLAN Applications
Mahmood T. Yassen1, Jawad K. Ali2, Ali J. Salim3, Seevan F. Abdulkareem4, Ali I. Hammoodi5, Mohammed R. Hussan6

Enhancement of Color Images with its RGB Representation using PDE
Ameena Tabassum1, S. Satheesh2, Ch. Ganapathy Reddy3

Pervious Concrete: Solution for Low Cost Construction
Neetu B. Yadav1, Jayesh A. Shah2, Rushabh A. Shah3

TCP/IP Attacks, Defenses and Security Tools
Abdullah H. Alqahtani1, Mohsin Iftikhar2

Volume-1 Issue-9, August 2013

Volume-1 Issue-9, August 2013, ISSN: 2319–6386 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication

Self Study Approach to Self Discovery and Motivational Training for Real Estate Professionals in Nigeria
Abayomi O. Ibiyemi1, Martins T. A. Adenipekun2

Comparative Study of Design of Steel Structural Elements by using IS 800:2007, AISC 13th Edition and BS: 5950, 1:2000
Amruta G. Whatte1, S. S. Jamkar2

FPGA Based Design & Implementation of Alamouti MIMO Encoder for Wireless Transmitter
Pravin W. Raut1, S. L. Badjate2

Contributions to Optimization of Functioning Of Induction Heating System Using Simulink
Asawari Dudwadkar1, Y. S. Rao2

Analysis of Organic Photovoltaic Cell
S. V. D. Prasad1, V. Krishnanaik2, K. R. Babu3

Obstacle Avoidance System for Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Using Fin System
M. S. M. Aras1, M. F. Basar2, S. S. Abdullah3, F. A. Azis4, F. A. Ali5

A Comparative Analysis of Several Back Propagation Algorithms in Wireless Channel for ANN-Based Mobile Radio Signal Detector
S. Roy Chatterjee1, R. Mandal2, M. Chakraborty3

Modeling and Simulation of Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation based Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive using MRAS
P. Nagasekhar Reddy

Optimization of CNC Turning Process Parameters on ALUMINIUM 6061 Using Genetic Algorithm
N. Zeelan Basha1, G.Mahesh2, N. Muthuprakash3

Design of Combinational Circuits Using Evolutionary Techniques
K. Sagar1, S. Vathsal2

Virtual Differential Storage Based K-Rollback Concurrency Control Algorithm in Distributed Shared Memory Systems
Abhinav Aggarwal1, Rupika Srivastava2, Sumit Malik3, Kirti Meena4, Poonam5

CPLD Implementation of Low Power Multi Serial to Ethernet Gateway for UAV Data Acquisition Systems by Using PIC
Revanasiddappa B1, K. V. Ramana Reddy2

A Comparative Analysis to Determine the Optimum Approach for Image Denoising
Kalyan Chatterjee1, Prasenjit Maji2, Arka Banerjee3, Debarati Das4, Manisha Gupta5

Reusable Test Bench for Network on Chip Router using Advanced Verification Methodologies
T. Lakshmi Priyanka1, G. Deepthi2, B. Sunil Kumar3

An Advanced Technique of De-Noising Medical Images using ANFIS
Rupinderpal Singh1, Pankaj Sapra2, Varsha Verma3

Comparison between SVM and MLP in Predicting Stock Index Trends
Jibendu Kumar Mantri

Brain Tumor Detection Using Neural Network
Pankaj Sapra1, Rupinderpal Singh2, Shivani Khurana3

Volume-1 Issue-8, July 2013

Volume-1 Issue-8, July 2013, ISSN: 2319–6386 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication

An Innovative Optical Transreciever Architecture for High Speed Data Interconnectivity Using CMOS IC for Optical Interconnects
Ashish Dixit1, R. K. Singh2

Design Strategy for Barrel Shifter Using Mux at 180nm Technology Node
Vaibhav Neema1, Pratibha Gupta2

Survey of Bandwidth Management Techniques
N. Snehalatha1, S. Angeline Julia2, Paul Rodrigues3

Simulation of Four Quadrant Operation & Speed Control of BLDC Motor on Matlab / Simulink
K. Shivanarayana1, G. Anil2, K. Srividya Savitri3

An Overview of Estimation Methods within Wireless Sensor Networks
Everette Adams1, Shaoliang Jia2

Performance Analysis of Control Parameters of Artificial Bee colony Algorithm for JPEG Images
Nasim A Shah1, Nandana Prabhu2

Generating Dual Tone for Creating Our Own Communication Channel
K. Sai Krishna Chaitanya1, E. Lokesh Reddy2, P. V. Praneeth Reddy3

Review of 3-D Secure Protocol
Shweta Rathour

Energy Efficient Routing Protocol with Real-Time Packets Delivery in Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks
Ka. Selvaradjou1, V. Rajesh2

Performance Comparison of Vedic Multiplier and Booth Multiplier

Security in WSN using Polynomial Pool Based Mechanism
Chanchal G. Agrawal1, J. B. Kulkarni2

Designing the Stable Compensation Networks for Buck Boost Converter for Solar Energy System
Patil S. N1, R. C. Prasad2

Review of Image Segmentation Techniques
H. P. Narkhede

Proposing a model of Inter-University Collaboration System Using Cloud Computing Infrastructure
S. C. Echezona1, H. C. Inyiama2

Volume-1 Issue-7, June 2013

Volume-1 Issue-7, June 2013, ISSN: 2319–6386 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication

Comparative Study on Natural and Commercial Coagulants: Treatment of Semiconductor Wastewater in Sludge Production and Removal of Heavy Metals
Mohd Omar Fatehah1, Md. Sohrab Hossain2, Tjoon Tow Teng3

Glaucoma Images Classification Using Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Network Based On Data-Core
S. Sri Abirami1, S. J Grace Shoba2

Outlier Detection: A Clustering-Based ApproachOutlier Detection: A Clustering-Based Approach
Vijay Kumar1, Sunil Kumar2, Ajay Kumar Singh3

Analysis of Data Delivery Issues in MANET Using Implementation of MTOOR Algorithm
S. M. Nandhagopal1, S. N. Sivanandam2

Point Pattern Matching Algorithm for Recognition of 36 ASL Gestures
Deval G. Patel

An assessment of Identity Security in Data Mining
Kirubhakar Gurusamy1, Venkatesh Chakrapani2

Lossless Compression of Hyperspectral Images Using Hybrid Based Clustering DPCM
G. Mahalakshmi1, A. Sivasankar2

The Impact of Lossy Compression on Hyperspectral Data Adaptive Spectral Unmixing and PCA Classification
P. Keerthana1, A. Sivasankar2

Deployment of Mobile Sensor Node and Asynchronous Power Management
V. Amirthavalli1, S. Veluchamy2

FPGA Based Implementation of Image Encryption Using Scan Patterns and Carrier Images
Yukthi B. R1, Savitha A. P2, M. B. Anandaraju3, Nuthan A. C4

A Review on QoS Multicast Routing Protocols for MANETs & Internet
Vandana1, Yusuf Mulge2

Fuzzy Forensic Analysis System for DDoS Attack in MANET Response Analysis
S. Ahmed1, S. M. Nirkhi2

Comparative Study and Approach to Enhanced the Range and Power Requirement for Basic Memory Segment Analog Design
Naveen Kumar

Image Denoising Based On Fast Noise Estimation Methods and Median Algorithm
B. Annapoorani1, N. Kumaran2


Volume-1 Issue-6, May 2013

Volume-1 Issue-6, May 2013, ISSN: 2319–6386 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication

Interactive Systems: The Review of Models and System Requirements
Kashmira P. Jayakar1, Y. B. Gurav2

An Image Mining System for Gender Classification & Age Prediction Based on Facial Features
Dhanashree M. Shirkey1, S. R. Gupta2

A Novel Approach to Interarea Oscillation Damping By Using Statcom-Smes System
Sreelal Elamana1, A. Rathinam2

Developing a Model to Enhance E-Mail Authentication against E-Mail Address Spoofing Using Application
A. S. Zadgaonkar1, Vikas Chandra Pandey2, Pratap Singh Pradhan3

Characteristics and Thermal Efficiency of Biofuels: Rubber Seed Oil as a Renewable Energy Source
Sundaram Arvind Narayan1, Sutha Shobana2

Face Mosaicing using Multiresolution Spline: A Review
Ankit Patel1, Hetal Patel2

Advanced Detecting and Defensive Coding Techniques to prevent SQLIAs in Web Applications: A Survey
Vinod Kumar K1, Jatin Das D2

Design and Analysis of Camshaft by Changing Parameters which Causes Failure
R. V. Wanjari1, T. C. Parshiwanikar2

Developing an Algorithm to Implement Efficient Intrusion Detection System using Soft Computing
A. S. Zadgaonkar1, Pooja Agrawal2, Anju Lata Rathore3

Design of a New Video Compression Algorithm Using Accordion Function
Mitesh Shah1, Hetal Patel2

Runway Pavement Design of a proposed Airport with the use of FAARFIELD Software
Amandeep Singh B. Bhalla1, Amit A. Vankar2, L. B. Zala3

Road Safety Audit of Selected Stretch from Umreth Junction to Vasad Junction
Devang G. Patel1, F. S. Umrigar2, C. B. Mishra3, Amit A. Vankar4

Multi Functional Autonomous Robotic System (MARS)
Surya Mani Sharma

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
Surya Mani Sharma1, Yugal Verma2, Kartik Sekar3

Developing a Model to Detect E-mail Address Spoofing using Biometrics Technique
A. S. Zadgaonkar1, Suresh Kashyap2, Murari Chandra Patel3

A 2×2 FPGA based WRAP Tested for Colored Image Transmission in MIMO Systems
Shreya Kaushal1, Surbhi Sharma2

A Model for Identifying Phishing E-Mail Based on Structural Properties
A. S. Zadgaonkar1, Suraj Prasad Keshari2, Savita Ajay3

Study of the Nighttime Context Enhancement Algorithms
Pallavi1, Reecha Sharma2

To Investigate the Effect of Microwaves Treated Water on Growth of Brassica Seeds
Akhil Gupta1, Randhir Singh2, Jang Bahadur Singh3, Parveen Lehana4

Review Paper on Calculation, Distribution of Trust & Reputation in MANET
Swapnali Sundar Sadamate1, V. S. Nandedkar2

Information Hiding Using 8 Bit Image
Luaay A. shihab


Volume-1 Issue-5, April 2013

Volume-1 Issue-5, April 2013, ISSN: 2319–6386 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication

Climate Change and Urban Road Transport
Nitin B. Bagul1, Shivshankar S. Patil2, Naresh R. Shinde3

Ergonomics Intervention in a Printing Press with Participative Ergonomic Approach and of ILO Ergonomic Checkpoints
Prashant D. Pulujkar1, Vaishali B. Langote2

Rule Based Statistical Hybrid Machine Translation
S. R. Priyanga1, A. AzhaguSindhu2

Enhanced Biclustering for Gene Expression Data
R. Parimala

Speed Control of Induction Motor Using Eleven Levels Multilevel Inverter
Karalapati Preethi1, G. Anil2, E. Vani3

Dynamic Business Solution for Production Management
Kadav Suchita1, Gaikwad Madhuri2, Dugade Pooja3

Mining Association Rules between Sets of Items in Large Databases
A. KrishnaKumar1, D. Amrita2, N. Swathi Priya3

Comparison of Quality Power Spectrum Estimation (Bartlett, Welch, Blackman & Tukey) Methods
Rahul U. Kale1, Pavan M. Ingale2, Rameshwar T. Murade3, Sarfaraz S. Sayyad4

An Ample-Range Survey on Recall-Based Graphical Password Authentication Based On Multi-Line Grid and Attack Patterns
Navnath D. Kale1, Megha M. Nalgirkar2

Image Denoising Based On Adaptive Wavelet Multiscale Thresholding Method
Priyadharshini S1, Gayathri K2, Priyanka S3, Eswari K4

Clear View on Optical Detectors in Ultravoilet Visible and Infrared Portions of the Electromagnetic Spectrum in a Light Wave Communication
B. Bala Subbanna

Motion Capture System Based On Color and Edge Distribution
Sheetal S. Jadhav1, Navnath D. Kale2

An Optimized Code for Space Vector PWM for A Two Level Voltage Source Inverter
B. N. Kartheek1, P. S. D. M. Chandana2, S. Niveditha3

Secret Communication Through Image and Audio For Defence
R. A. Jain1, Hrushikesh B. Surve2, Amit A. Sonar3, Swpanil N. Salunke4

A Switched-Capacitor Inverter Using Series/ Parallel Conversion with Inductive Load
M. Swarnalatha1, G. devadas2, K. sunil3

A Study and Survey of OFDM Versus COFDM
Jyoti Kataria1, Pawan Kumar2, Tilak Raj3

A Protocol to Increase the Lifetime for Wireless Sensor Network
M. Saravanan1, T. Arokia Arun2, M. Krishnakumar3, C. Karthik4, S. Ponnusamy5

Design of Conditional Data Mapping Flip-Flop for Low Power Applications
Kanika Jindal1, Renu, V. K. Pandey2

A No Reference Image Blur Detection Using Cumulative probability Blur Detection (CPBD) Metric
Pooja Bhor1, Rupali Gargote2, Rupali Vhorkate3, R. U. Yawle4, V. K. Bairagi5

An Automated Timer System That Maintains Crew Details: Crew Timer System
Garapati Sitnah Joe Sheeba1, Vemu Samson Deva Kumar2, M. Nalini Sri3

Confidentiality and Privacy in Cloud Computing using Hybrid Execution Method
B. Jaswanthi1, M. NaliniSri2

Volume-1 Issue-3, February 2013

Volume-1 Issue-3, February 2013, ISSN: 2319–6386 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication

Power Quality Enhancement by Using Distributed Power-Flow Controller in Distribution Systems
Karthik Korvi1, Jisha Bhubesh2, R.Shirisha3

Perspective Study on Recoverable Concealed Data Aggregation in WSNs
John Major J1, Shajin Prince2

Comparison of Micro-Holes Produced By Micro-EDM with Laser Machining
Mohammed Sarvar Rasheed

To Analyze the Performance of Optical Burst Switched Networks for Energy Savings
Suresh Pandian V1, Arjun Kumar C. R2, Karpagarajesh G3

A Survey on K-mean Clustering and Particle Swarm Optimization
Pritesh Vora1, Bhavesh Oza2

Energy Efficient Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Rupali Mahajan1, Rupali Jagtap2

Buck–Boost-Type Unity Power Factor Rectifier with Extended Voltage Conversion Ratio
G. Ravindra Naik1, D. Bhavani2, T. Harikrishna Prasad3

Reliability Evaluation of Bulk Power Systems Incorporating UPFC
V. S. K. Sandeep1, M. Divya Charitha2 , G. Uday Bhanu3

DWT and PCA Based Image Enhancement with Gaussian Filter
R. Vani1, K. Soundara Rajan2

Green Approach to Corrosion Inhibition of Mild Steel Using Emilia Sonchifolia and Vitex Doniana In 2.5M HCl Medium
Iloamaeke I. M1, Onuegbu T. U2, Umeobika U. C3, Umedum N. L4

The Grapheme-Personification Synaesthesia at Indian Glance
K. Vijayasree1, T. Rajasekhar2

Implementation and Performance Evaluation of an Energy Constraint AODV Routing
Dinesh Kumar Dwivedi1, Akhilesh Kosta2, Akhilesh Yadav3

Survey of Resource and Job Management for Load Balancing In Grid Computing
Sakadasariya Achyut R

Survey on DDoS Attacks and its Detection & Defence Approaches
Nisha H. Bhandari

SLA Negotiation for Web Service Consumption Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process
R. Raju1, D. Dhivya2, R. Saranya3, S. I. Abbinaya4

Parallel Power Flow AC/DC Converter with High Input Power Factor and Tight Output Voltage Regulation for Universal Voltage Application
Dhudem Santhosh1, Jisha Bhubesh2, Khaja Rafiulla3

Attack Graph Generation and Threat Evaluation in Network Situation Awareness (NSA)
Patil Shalaka1, Ahir Minakshi2, Kale Dattatraya3